Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Well I've been working on this blog again today, trying to find all the tools to put it together and I'm getting it done slowly but I must admit that I'm also trying out Word Press also and so far I find this easier :)
So come back and come back often as I'll post stuff pretty often..
Oh while your waiting on me to post something are some pic's

This is picture of my daughter and picture of all of us..
We went a vacation in June to San Francisco , My wife being from Europe wanted to  see it and the Ocean So we drove down 650mi and stayed 2 nights also we wanted to buy a maltipoo puppy which we did, So on the way back from buying the puppy we went across the bay to Moon Bay from there we drove up the coast to the Golden Gate Bridge..
It was a great trip and with my New GPS we could drive around like natives :)  it was worth it's weight in gold... It's a Garmin 2595.. 5in screen with voice..Would diffently recommend, we even use it to find houses to look at..Parade of homes...Looking to buy a home in the next year but thats another story :)

My daughter and new puppy Francsco