Thursday, October 25, 2012

Windows 8 is hard! So say 14 'typical users'

"A U.K. design team recruited 14 Windows users and subjected them to the new Windows 8 interface. Apparently none of them cottoned to it immediately.
by Don Reisinger
| October 25, 2012 6:40 AM PDT"

I found this to be pretty funny since I started out with win 93 and skipped XP and windows 7  I went from Vista to Win 8 release preview and I'm having a ball doing it, Win 8 feels lighter in the front end and my computer isn't work so hard as it did with Vista .. Win 8 has so many ways to make it your own..I'm learning daily....

A U.K. design firm put Windows 8 under the microscope recently, and users reported some issues with handling the operating system.

The firm in question, Foolproof, had 14 "typical users" try out Windows 8 for the first time to see how they fared using the new-look operating system. This tiny group reportedly consisted of regular Windows users, so they supposedly weren't coming to the Microsoft universe cold.

Whats a typical window user ?

But Microsoft's new user interface, which largely consists of a series of tiles, ditching the traditional look and feel of Windows, "comes with a huge learning overhead." Foolproof's relatively small number of testers made several observations, including:

The user interface was "fresh and attractive," but by the end of the session, none of them "felt confident using the new interface."
They were confused on how to open Internet Explorer.
They quickly became confused by e-mails, responding that they didn't realize that text fields were editable.
The lack of the tray on the bottom of the screen caused some to feel like they lost apps when switching from one to another.

Oh but there is a tray...Links and desktop and it has some of the same functions as Win7 . Now I didn't use the email as I use online email and I don't use internet explorer but I have found it..not a big problem
I feel like these people went into this whining :) your mind and think outta the box Microsoft has.
The only problem that I needed to do a search on was on the Shut Down button and Reboot button..and I found how to make my own and pin them where I wanted them..NICE :)

That there is a steep learning curve is nothing new to those who have used the software. In CNET's own review of Windows 8, it found that the operating system's "learning curve is steep and in-app navigation isn't obvious. There are just too many known unknowns here."

Well after a week of using Win 8 all I feel is liberated , So I ordered the upgrade and it's on its way as of today and I got it for $59.95 on tiger direct see my link below or go to my bargains page
Remember just keep an open mind when you try it out...Think of all the possibilities that Win 8 gives you to make it your own way..

Thanks to CNET for this articule

Chris D.