Tuesday, November 13, 2012

International Living..Think about Ecuador..

Dear International Living Reader,

Everyone who moves to Ecuador has a different reason for doing it, but they all have one thing in common... they’re glad they did.

Earl Phillips and his wife, Jan, almost lost everything they had spent 36 years working for when the property bubble in the U.S. burst. But after Jan suggested moving from their home in central Washington to the coast of Ecuador, the couple began to rediscover their sense of hope. They’ve just begun building their new home near Canoa:
"Sitting on the balcony with our morning coffee, we instinctively knew the decision was made. This was the place. This was more than we had dreamed our retirement budget would allow...
Edd Staton and his wife Cynthia moved to Cuenca four years ago. For them, the move has been rejuvenating.
He, like many of his expat friends there, has noticed the health benefits of the Cuencano way of life: "Fresh, inexpensive produce overflows at markets throughout the city. Fast food joints are few and far between. And because Cuenca, even with a population of a half million, is so compact, many expats get around town mainly on foot."
In fact, living in Cuenca is so healthy that two friends of Edd’s, David Akins and his wife Karen, have lost 40 pounds each—in just 18 months!
Vilcabamba was where Patrick Robinson decided to retire after an exhaustive search. He made the move when he was 80 years old...
"I’d spent the previous four years traveling to some 12 different countries in search of my eventual retirement ‘Shangri-La’... Why Ecuador and why the tiny village of Vilcabamba, hidden away in a valley deep in the Southern Andes? Simple answer: Sweet-natured, welcoming people and a place that is said to be a ‘living laboratory of longevity.’ "Vilcabamba reportedly has one of the four healthiest populations on earth. As an octogenarian, that was the clincher for me."
For David and Wendy DeChambeau who have relocated to Cotacachi, Ecuadoran art has proven irresistible. In fact, their enjoyment of the beautiful art Ecuador has to offer could even be profitable.
"Wendy and I are having a lot of fun and meeting a lot of great people," David says, "but as we travel around we realize that our true passion is for the amazing art found in Ecuador and the artists that create it.
"We enjoy finding the best quality art at the best possible price. We are thinking of providing a service where we would search out art and offer it to those who don’t have the time to come down to Ecuador and find it themselves."
Business opportunities are not just limited to the art world in Ecuador, by the way. For Steve Marchant, teaching English in Quito gave him an income—as well as a great introduction to local life. Steve had never taught English before.
"I had no qualifications as a teacher," he says, "but after quickly reading up on lesson plans online, spending $200 on textbooks and putting them together with a large dose of confidence, I was able to launch a new career..."
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