Saturday, February 9, 2013

Excellent: Lance Bass Slams Chris Brown For F-Word Comments! Claims It's JUST Like Using The N-Word!

Lance Bass Slams Chris Brown For F-Word Comments! Claims It's JUST Like Using The N-Word!

lance bass calss chris brown on faggor comment
Lance Bass — an openly gay man — is calling Chris Brown OUT for his consistent hate-filled comments concerning homosexuals.
Breezy recently got into a fight with gay singer Frank Ocean over a parking situation and reportedly called him the f-word.
Chris has also used the word in his lyrics AND allegedly spat it at the papz back in 2011.
SO ignorant. Such a lazy and cruel use of language.
The former *NSYNC member recently expressed his opinion on Chris' use of the contentious word, expressing:
"Calling people faggot and that stuff, I mean, he may not even mean what he means, but it’s a derogatory term that people throw out there and without even knowing why they are saying it. But when it comes to Frank Ocean and knowing that he’s … very out … it was definitely meant to hurt him. It’s never good to throw those words out there that mean so much.”
[Brown] should understand that being a black man himself. He should know that the F word is just like calling you the N word in a very derogatory way. When you come from a minority like that, being gay or black or whatever, it’s like there should be an understanding, like we all get each other. But you don’t see that a lot, which is really sad."
Preach it Lance!
It IS upsetting when someone who is part of a group that has been — and continues to be — notoriously marginalized because of something obscenely superficial, turns around and treats OTHER marginalized groups in the same fashion!
But we tend to feel that the ease at which Chris Brown uses the f-word is simply indicative of MUCH deeper issues (isn't is always?!).
Sort your manz our Rihanna! We can't imagine you CONDONE this type of behavior…
Although judging by her recent show of support at Breezy's community service hearing, it seems Rihanna will accept and celebrate WHATEVER Chris chooses to do!