Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Places to see: Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness

Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness

The Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness area is located in northern Arizona and southern Utah. One of the most beautiful parts of this federally protected land is Paria Canyon. The canyon's wooded terraces, natural arches, and towering walls with swirling designs in the sandstone make hikes through Paria Canyon extremely popular. One formation is aptly named the Wave, and hikers need to get a permit in advance before hiking to it. Only then will they receive a map and directions to get to the fragile sandstone formation. Changes in light angle and intensity throughout the day makes Paria Canyon a photographer's paradise. After the successful reintroduction of the desert bighorn sheep to Paria Canyon in the 1980s, in the mid-1990s, the Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness was the location of a release of captively-bred endangered California Condors in an attempt to re-introduce them to the wild. Current Internet Travel Offers for Vermillion Cliffs...