Friday, May 1, 2015

Free Ebook Hannigan "HellFire"

Hannigan "HellFire" Free Today

Leaving behind someone he cared about wasn't a choice, after what happened.
To Hannigan everything went into slow motion and his vision narrowed so that all he saw was Jack dropping his shoulders and a flicker of light reflecting off the twin 45 cal. derringers drop into Jacks hands from his coat sleeve.

You know you can see a low-velocity .45 slug coming at you in the right conditions and this must of been one because in my minds-eye I saw the .45 tracking me like a hawk coming for it's prey. I covered my movement with my slicker drawing my Colt lightening as I twisted just enough that the 45 cut across my chest like a wild boar roaring through underbrush.
It caught me off guard just enough that I hit the deck rolling to a crouch I fired again as another .45 slug honed in on me.

Jack had dropped both derringers into his hands either by mistake or a planned action based on the fire that was pushing him to kill the man in front of him.
Not use to using both derringers at the same time, He was slow getting the second shot off but before he did he felt Hannigans bullet slice through him like a hot knife slicing through butter.
His knee's wobbled as he tried to stand his he fired again.