Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Healthy Living: Diet Secrets Of Successful Losers PT.2

Diet Secrets Of Successful Losers PT.2

11. Sodas are Bad-bad-bad...Steer Clear of them!! These are empty calories and don't even get me started on how bad diet soda is..

12. Coach potato ? Glued to the TV ?  You have no idea how much you eat while sitting there watch the walking dead... :)  Popcorn ? ok in small amounts and little salt..NO butter(that should curve your popcorn craving) lol

13. Have you every been on a diet and actual popped something in your mouth before you even realized ? I know I have and I have even spit it out trying to be good :)  Just a taste..LOL  So be mindful of what your eating at all times and what your body actual needs in amounts of food...

14. The National Weight Control Registry reports that 75% of successful losers(diet :) weight themselves at least weekly.  I do this also if I've had a good week..if not I avoid it for a week...Who needs the heart ache :)

15. Eat right at every age... As you grow older you need to decrease your daily intake..
Women: 19-25 2200 cals.   26-50  2000 cals   51+ 1800cals
Men: 19-25 2800  26-45  2600  46-65  2400  66+  2200

I've found that since I don't have a thyroid I need to keep my numbers for a female at my age :)  So 1800 works for me as a 55 year old male...
But honestly you need to find what works for you as these numbers are just guide lines...from the US Department of Agriculture ..Yea the same guys who brought us that crazy Food pyramid that helps us get fat.
.Part 3 coming tomorrow...