Friday, February 6, 2015

New Book In The Works....A Work in Progress :)
"The Untimely Death Of Henry"


I'm not sure why I still come to these "wakes" Being lost in that dark, damp haunted place even if it was just a night, it still brings back nightmares..Twenty years of them.
Pulling my coat tighter I tried to block out the cold wind that was whipping around me..God I hated this place.
Sun glasses shielded my eyes from the others, I didn't want them to see the pain I felt being here.
Letting my eyes roamed over the others as we stood there, listening to everyone talk about the past as if nothing bad happened, Jesus I hated this...

Alan tried to get past the nightmares but they are always at the edge of my mind and by the looks of the others, I'd say they felt the same.
Steve was nervous you could tell by the way he was shifting from foot to foot..
Brian kept looking over his shoulder like something was stalking him..
Wayne he looked stoned more then usual or drunk or both, I'm sure he wasn't feeling much...
Alan he looked more together than the others but I knew better, he was probably the worse of the group..
It was Alan's idea to stay at the cave tonight to relive it..fuck! who wanted that.
He thought maybe we could get past it by facing it...What a load of psychobabble-bullshit, Alan was always the thinker, the dreamer and we called him "Einstein" because of it.

There was an aura of death hung around us as we stood there and it gave me an uneasy feeling so I started to back away to the little table that set nearby under a hugh Oak tree we use to call it the hangmans tree, Like someone was going to have a picnic here in a cemetary under the Hangman's tree,,,Jesus!.

After that night in the Cave they had tried to talk about it , But everyone just wanted to get away and forget those awful two days.
I think what hurt worse is the friendship we had, seem to have fallen apart, we just drifted apart after that, Alan thought
But what bother me more than these every 5 year reunions we did for Henry, Was how we all had changed so much.. and with the loss of Roger now.
Roger was the youngest of us all and what happened in the cave seem to affect him more than anyone. not sure how that could happen but it did, Soon after the incident he got moody and kept to himself.
I even heard he started to study witchcraft, black magic, rumors I think, but who knows.
Alan shook his head to clear the thoughts but they kept coming,
I lost touch with him after the first 5 year reunion, but even then Brian and him got into a fight about something they kept hush about, so he left early... He had changed and not in a good way..
It was always like he wanted to tell us something about that night in the cave but he just couldn't bring himself to do it..and it ate away at him until he jumped out a 20th floor window where he worked..
So hearing he had killed himself last year, we all decided to try this reunion thing one more time... For him...and for us, but maybe even that was an excuse because we knew down deep we couldn't miss these, just maybe we could, if we finally faced our fears of the CAVE..

More to come....Soon!