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The Wake
Finally everyone broke away from Henry’s grave and gathered under the Hangman’s tree,
I wish you wouldn’t call it that, it gives me the creeps Brian said.
Does it really matter Brian ?
Well it is a little discerning, Wayne mumbled in his dope up state of mind.
You both need to calm down we have something important to talk about…
I’m not talking about the Cave again Brian Stated matter of factually
We have to, you know as much as I do we need to put that night behind us so we can move on
Alan I don’t give a shit about that anymore I’ve lost everything, ever since that night, I can’t seem to catch a break… one bad choice after another..
Brian it’s like that for all of us… And it’s probably why Roger killed himself.
I don’t think so Brian muttered..
What do you mean…
Wayne finally decided to talk about then.. Hey you both we need to get this over with so I can get out of here…
What? you got some of your doper friends waiting for you Weenie ?
I told you the last we were here, never call me that again, Wayne stood up like he was going to take a shot at Alan…
Alan put his hands up and said Whoaa now, I was only kidding, it was your nick name in High School..
And I hated it than but I put up with it to hang with you guys.. but fuck all of you now I don’t need you or anyone..
Steve found his voice and said everyone calm down…We need to talk..
Alan turned to him and said what about..
Steve looked over his shoulder again, he looked like he was going to bolt any minute..
Steve what do you want to talk about…
Alan we need to talk about the Cave..
Brian burst out ..Oh holy shit NO… I don’t want to hear about that fucking place again..it’s bad luck….
Wayne started laughing…  Brian turned on him and shoved him to the ground but that didn’t stop the laughing… Yea Wayne was high…
Turning back to Alan and Steve, I’m not going to go over this again..We’ve discussed this Cave until I’m blue in the face and you all know no one remembers enough to fill a ball sack.
Wayne started laughing again and Brian tried to kick him..
Common Brian fuck I didn’t mean it calm down Wayne said..between out burst..
Fuck you all and Brian headed for the road…
Now look what you’ve done Wayne,
Well Shit he’s acting like a baby about all this… So what if we don’t remember shit about that night, all that matters is that Henry is still down there dead and we are up here…
Alan turned too Wayne.. and that’s why I wanted to talk to you all..
Steve stared at me for a minute and said, that’s the same reason I wanted to talk to all of you too..
Well see half of us are on the same page all ready..
Damn I still don’t know what you guys want, Wayne protested…
Wayne you go get Brian so we can have this meeting, it’ll be dark in a few hours..
Wayne looked at him like he was looking at a ghost,  he finally turned on his heals and ran after Brian..
You first….Shit Ok, Steve said…
I feel we need to get to the bottom of this bad luck that has been hovering over all of us since that night 10 years ago..
And how do you think we can do this?…
Well I was thinking maybe we should go back..
Alan turned his back to Steve and thought to himself.. “Well at least two of us feel this way”
turning back to Steve he said… Steve I’m not sure how we do this but that was my thought exactly, and I think Wayne and Brian know it too, every since that night we seem to read each other minds..
They stood there shoulder to shoulder while they watched Wayne arguing with Brian until they both started walking back to them…
Now to tell them Steve said,
I don’t think that will be necessary

Stay Tune for Part Two of Chapter One  "The Plan"